Gluu Cluster Manager Training

Course Overview

Learn how to build a multi-cloud, geographically distributed and highly available VM-based (i.e. not Docker) Gluu Server identity and access management service using our commercially supported deployment tool, Cluster Manager.

Course Topics

  • High Availability (HA) conceptual discussion
  • Processes behind clustering Gluu Servers
  • Manually clustering Gluu Servers
  • Deployment / installation of Gluu Cluster Manager
  • LDAP replication
  • Key rotation
  • Centralized logging
  • Backup, restore, troubleshooting

Course Details

  • Relevant Role
  • Learning Method
    In person
  • Relevant Products
    Gluu Server, Cluster Manager
  • Duration
    6 hours
  • Price

Additional notes

  • Minimum four (4) attendees for the training to proceed as scheduled.
  • Gluu will provide a clean virtual machine (VM) for each attendee.
  • Contact us to schedule a dedicated training session for your team.

Available sessions

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