Cloud IAM made easy for your Workforce

Gluu IDaaS rapidly plugs in workforce identity management capabilities into the web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Your teams work different. Your MFA solutions need to be able to adapt

Bring your own MFA

Move beyond OTP and SMS technologies for man-in-middle attacks. and embrace Fido Tokens and Mobile MFA.

Invite your MFA vendor to set up their solution on our platform.

Casa Self-Service Portal

Add Geofencing (impossible travel) and browser detection.
Add Risk Scoring with Behavioral Biometrics 
Add Biometric Enrollment with Face ID.

  • Adaptive MFA
  • Single Sign-on
  • API Access Management
  • Advanced Server Access
  • Access Gateway

Easily deploy the Gluu Server on the Cloud with easy connections to every app your workforce uses

Protect on-prem apps

Cloud-based single sign-on service connects everything from cloud to ground with SAML and OpenID Connect integrations, password vaulting, RADIUS and LDAP support, and connections to third-party legacy SSO solutions.

Prebuilt Integrations

SSO provider with a network of pre-built integrations that help you securely adopt and deploy SSO to cloud apps quicker without building and maintaining the integrations yourself.

Interested in cloud hosted digital identity for workforce?

Open-source digital identity and access management mean you never get locked in.

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