Gluu Roadmap for 2022 / 2023

Open Source Digital Identity

Gluu 4.x

Gluu 4.5 – Q4 2022

  • Support for PostgreSQL – now even more DB options
  • Native inbound SAML authentication without Passport.JS – reduced latency and one less service to run
  • More intuitive settings for fewer misconfiguration errors and at-a-glance review
  • Shibboleth IDP: MDQ Support


Open Source Digital Identity

Gluu Flex

Gluu Flex – Launching Q3 2022

Gluu’s newest digital identity platform is based on the Linux Foundation’s Janssen project

  • Completely new UI – intuitive configuration with expansion for future and 3rd party modules
  • Optimized for Cloud Native deployments using Kubernetes
  • New “Agama” authentication and workflow scripting language – use native language logic, while also embedding python/java script decision trees
  • Advanced configure as code – CLI command line interface or curl-based commands
  • Text-Based configurator option for setup and configuration with handy helpers that navigate you through the processes
Open Source Digital Identity

Gluu Open Banking

Ver 1.4 – Q1 2023

  • New updated Canadian anticipated profile 
  • Support for eIDAS certificate ecosystem 
Open Source Digital Identity

Gluu Scan API Service

Gluu SCAN API Service – Launch Q4 2022

  • Gluu’s behavioral biometric authentication and risk scoring service is based on leading patented technology
  • Gluu Scan API Service – Behavioral biometric based on typed behavior during login 
  • Gluu Solo integration – as a service module 

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