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Support Services

We understand how crucial our digital IAM platform is to your business, so we’ve built support optimized for customer success. Our Global Support Services enables you to reach experts who can resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Deployment Services

We believe you should get value for your investment as soon as possible. To help our customers and integrators achieve this and maximize the success of their open source Gluu Server project, we offer Deployment Support Services.

Training Services

Determining how to architect, build, and deploy your identity solution doesn’t need to be a complex process, but needs to be done right. Our training services combine enablement and technology to arm you with the skills you need to execute a smooth deployment.

Features and Entitlements

Support and license entitlements for Gluu open source products and services.

Support Portal

The Gluu Support Portal ( is the primary mechanism to triage support. It is available to the community, and to VIP customers. Community issues are all public, while VIP customers can open private issues. VIP customers have some additional features, like the ability to attach files and images to support requests.

Support SLAs

Gluu makes every possible effort to respond to support incidents to meet SLA obligations that support 99.999% up time. We offer up to 1 hour response and within 4 hour resolution for priority one system down events, and triage based on severity and risk to life and business impact. We do not offer different response times per contract ensuring all support staff respond appropriately the first time , every time.


Developers and devops engineers love the immediacy of chat support. Gluu operates it’s own Rocket Chat server (, a simple web-based solution that doesn’t put your private conversations through a third party service (like Slack). Customers with a VIP subscription will have their own dedicated chat channel.

Functional and Devops Support

Application developers and deployers have different sets of challenges. The former frequently need to know how to use the Gluu server, the latter how to operate it. VIP Support covers both requirements. Functional support issues are more common at the start of access management projects. Devops support is critical for the production rollout and subsequent operation.

Consultive Support

With a VIP support contract, you have an allocation of hours to schedule ad hoc Zoom calls with the Gluu engineering team. You can use these consultative sessions to review application design, to obtain training, or to dive deeper into a topic of your choice. Advance notice is required so Gluu can schedule the appropriate resources. The quarterly hours are “use-it-or-lose-it”, i.e. they don’t accumulate.

Prioritization of Feature Requests

The requests of VIP Support customers for enhancements get special attention. Gluu cannot guarantee to add new features based on these requests. This decision is ultimately made by the product team, and in some cases, in collaboration with the open source community that leads development. But if possible, customer requests are accommodated.

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