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Gluu 4

Federated identity allows authorized users to access multiple applications and domains using a single set of credentials.

Open Standards

The Gluu Server includes software that implements open web standards for authentication, authorization, federated identity, and identity management: OAuth 2.0SAML 2.0OpenID Connect.

Single Sign-On

With Gluu, SSO is maintained simultaneously across OpenID and SAML websites. 

Social Log-In

The Gluu Server uses a component called Passport.js to enable social login. With over 300 existing "strategies", Passport provides a crowd-sourced approach to offering your users social login at popular consumer IDPs.

Passwordless Authentication

Gluu Casa includes passwordless identity which is bound to a public-private key pair that acts as the primary credential for user authentication.

Strong Authentication

Gluu Casa offers a self-service portal for enrollment and management of multiple types of strong authentication including FIDO, SMS OTP, Google Authenticator, and OTP devices.

Adaptive Risk Authentication

Create a profile for each user, which includes information such as the user’s geographical location, registered devices, and roles. When someone tries to authenticate, the request is evaluated and assigned a risk score which may request additional credentials.

Contextual Authentication

Interception scripts can add extra authentication steps based on contextual information such as fraud scores, location, or browser profiling. You can also customize the look and feel of a web authentication: HTML, CSS, images, and javascript can be externalized and managed by your organization.


The Gluu Server is an OAuth Authorization Server (“AS”), one of the important components of any API access management infrastructure. The AS authenticates clients and issues access tokens. 

User Self-Service

Casa Plugins gives organizations the ability to offer end-users control over social login accounts, trusted devices, which apps have access to their personal data, and more.

High Availability and Scalability

With Gluu’s cloud-native distribution, you can scale out by adding more servers–automatically on the fly. No matter what your performance requirements are, the Gluu Server can handle it. Gluu is the only identity platform that can take advantage of Couchbase’s next-generation persistence capabilities.

Lifecycle Management

Gluu Flex uses the Janssen Config API uses Weld, the reference implementation of CDI: Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE Platform – a JCP standard for dependency injection and contextual lifecycle management.

Google Pre-Configured Ranges of IP Addresses

When you create your Gluu Solo single-tenant environment, you select the region where you want your data to reside to meet data residency compliance requirements while letting you place data as close to your users as possible. Gluu Solo uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) pre-configured ranges of IP addresses per region. 

Consent Management

The Consent Management plugin gives end-users the ability to view and revoke previously granted authorizations provided to applications accessed with their account in a Gluu Server.

Legacy Integration

With the Gluu Server, you can connect and modernize legacy data sources. The Gluu Server can be deployed with the Shibboleth IDP, which supports most of the CAS protocol v2 specifications, including attribute release and CAS proxy support.

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