Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend a virtual machine with at least 2 CPU units, 4 GB of RAM and around 30GB of disk space.

Gluu can be deployed on any cloud provider, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Engine (GCE), and Digital Ocean (DO). For cloud specific notes, please view our VM prep guide.

The Gluu Server can be scaled horizontally to handle tens of millions of users. To a large extent, performance is driven by configurations made in the underlying database. A well tested data strategy will yield the best results. And we have the capability to authenticate a billion logins per day. Read the press release

Organizations frequently deploy multiple production and development Gluu Servers depending on requirements for high availability, staging, QA and fail over.

It depends. For most design and architecture projects, we recommend engaging one of our certified partners.

The Gluu Server is being used in production at educational institutions, government and non-government organizations, and enterprises around the world. References are available upon request. Feel free to download our most recent case studies here.

Yes, Gluu supports each release for at least 18 months.

No, Gluu only provides annual support options. For per incident support, we are happy to introduce you to one of our talented service partners.

Yes. The Gluu Server is, and always will be, 100% free open source software. Check the docs for more information about licenses in use.

Either party may terminate the support contract with 30 days written notice.

All named contacts associated with the customer organization will lose enhanced access to our support services.

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