Gluu for EDU

As cloud-based services continue to gain adoption, many campuses are struggling to upgrade legacy systems with secure application integration strategies that work well with modern IT architectures, systems, and services.

The Gluu Server combines the flexibility of open source, with the portability of the cloud to help you deliver a modern and secure digital identity service based on open standards with no vendor lock-in.


Make the login process easier by leveraging biometrics, security tokens, and mobile devices instead of a password. Using these techniques you can reduce the risk of stolen credentials and prevent phishing–the two most common ways hackers can get into your organization.


SSO is an important use case for employee productivity, and customer-facing user experience. With Gluu Solo, SSO is maintained simultaneously across OpenID and SAML websites.

Smart Card and Mobile MFA

Gluu Solo supports most 2FA mechanisms, like FIDO2, OTP, SMS, smart card, Duo(™), Apple TouchID, and many more. Gluu Solo also offers a unique self-service portal called CASA, which enables end users to manage their 2FA credentials.

With Gluu you have a choice to deploy the Gluu Server community edition for VM or bare metal. Configure our Enterprise Edition for cloud-native, enterprise high availability, or as a single tenant PaaS with Gluu Solo - our hosted service on Google Cloud.

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