Logout From Gluu Server

Gluu Server offers single-logout(SLO) service for OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect SLO

Gluu Server uses OpenID Connect to end session for logout. Usually a logout link is provided to the connected SP and the session is killed inside the IdP. When using the OpenId Connect Logout, it is recommened to test the front channel logout. In the front channel logout the browser receives a page with the list of application logout urls each within an iframe. This causes the browser to call each applicaiton logout individually and finally calling the OpenID Connect end-session endpoint via javascript. Please see the OpenID Connect Frontchannel Logout Specifications for more informaiton.

SAML Logout

Although there is a SLO available for Shibboleth, it is not supported in Gluu Server because of its instabilities. Please take a look at this page for more information.

  • The logout URI for SAML SP is https://<hostname of Gluu Server>/idp/logout.jsp
    Calling this URL within Gluu Server kills the session inside Gluu Server.

Authentication Script

It is possible to use Custom Authentication Script to call individual logout methods for both SAML and OpenID Connect and log out of the desired SP/SPs when the user logs out of the Gluu Server. Please see the Custom Script Guide to start writing your own custom script.