Wikid Authentication

This is the person authentication module for Wikid Authentication.


The module has the following mandatory properties

Peoperty Description Example
wikid_server_host IP address of WIKID server
wikid_server_port TCP port for WIKID serve [8388][default 8388]
wikid_cert_path Path to the PKCS12 certificate file /etc/certs/wikid.p12
wikid_cert_pass Passphrase for PKCS12 file passphrase
wikid_ca_store_path [CA][ca] for WAS server certificate /etc/certs/CACertStore.dat
wikid_ca_store_pass Passphrase to secure the CA store file passphrase
wikid_server_code Server domain 12 digit code 135711131719


Configure CE Chroot

The following libraries must be present in the $TOMCAT_HOME/endorsed folder.


For more informatiaon about the wClient Library, please see this page

Token Client

Wikid Authentication requires token client. Please install and configure it for first time use. The demo explains how to do that.

Configure oxTrust

Follow the steps below to configure the Wikid module in the oxTrust Admin GUI.

  1. Go to Manage Custom Scripts image

  2. Click on the add custom script button image

  3. Fill up the form and add the Wikid Authentication Script

  4. Enable the script by ticking the check box image

  5. Click Update image

  6. Change the Default Authentication method to Wikid image