How to back up Gluu CE Server

Gluu CE Server Back up can be performed using below methods.

  • Using tar command to tar the Gluu Server Folder from the Host OS
  • Using Gluu provided export and import scripts to back up ldif of the LDAP.


NOTE: In this documentation,'2.4.x' is referred to the existing installed version of Gluu CE Server.

Tar command to Back up Gluu Server

Steps to Back up Gluu CE server using tar

1. Stop the server using below command
    a. #service gluu-server-2.4.x stop
2. use tar command to take a back up
    b. # tar cvf gluu244-backup.tar /opt/gluu-server-2.4.4/

Using Gluu Script to Back up Ldif of LDAP

Steps to Back up Gluu CE Server using Gluu Export Scripts

1. Login to Gluu chroot
    a. # service gluu-server-2.4.x login
2. Fetch export script from Gluu 
    b. wget
3. Change permission of the script
    c. # chmod +x
4. run the script
    d. # ./

The export script will generate a directory called backup_24 which will have all the data backed up from the current installation. Check the log file generated in the directory for any errors.