Gluu Server Update Package

Gluu Server update packages are released to fix urgent issues, with low impact on deployment. Normally these involve updates to the java code, effected replacing the war file. These are installed using yum or apt-get command.

Check version of installed Gluu CE server.

  • Version of the server can be found from the name of the installed home Gluu directory
  • Below is an alternate method to determine the version of the installed CE server.

oxTrust version: cat /opt/tomcat/webapps/identity/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF oxAuth version: cat /opt/tomcat/webapps/oxauth/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF



It is highly recommended to stop the Gluu Server, and tar folder /opt/gluu-server-2.4.4 to ensure speedy recovery from any unexpected hiccup. If the organization has any other contingency plans, that is ok too.


Please make sure that there is enough disk space to tar the entire Gluu Server, at least 4GB of Disk Space is recommended.

Use the following commands to tar the Gluu Server folder from the host OS:

# service gluu-server-2.4.4 stop
# tar cvf gluu244-backup.tar /opt/gluu-server-2.4.4/

Install Update Package

Gluu Server update packages are available from the Gluu Repository. Make sure to stop Gluu Server before installing and finalizing the update package.

  • CentOS 6.x/7.2, RHEL 6/7:
# yum update
# service gluu-server-2.4.4 stop
# yum install gluu-updater-2.4.4

  • Ubuntu Server 14.04/16.04, Debian 8:
# apt-get update
# service gluu-server-2.4.4 stop
# apt-get install gluu-updater-2.4.4

After the update package is installed, use the following commands to finalize the installation by running the update script.

# service gluu-server-2.4.4 start
# service gluu-server-2.4.4 login
# cd /opt/upd/2.4.4.sp2/bin
# ./

Upon successful update, check the version again to confirm on the update.

NOTE: It is recommended to wait for few minutes while the changes take place and Gluu Server CE can be used.