Cloud Hosted Access and Management for Consumers

Gluu Solo is a centrally hosted IDP that securely stores Consumer and Partner information to provide an extra layer of security 

Overcome the Limitations of On-prem Identity with IDaaS

Gluu Solo’s cloud-based solution helps lower the total cost of ownership, boosts security, and provides a consistent user experience across an enterprise and its ecosystem of customers and partners.

Increase App Adoption and Engagement

IDaaS doesn’t eliminate passwords, but it does make it easier for customers and partners to connect with your company by providing a single, cohesive user experience.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Gluu Solo offers the advantages of IDaaS along with the flexibility required to handle any scenario on any user population. Inbound Federation connects your apps to any number of federated identity providers— then negotiates implementations and manages the trust.

Strengthen security with centrally managed consumer and partner attributes to maintain GDPR and CCPA requirements without onboarding individuals into your AD or other in-house IAM systems.

Interested in cloud hosted digital identity?

Take advantage of Solo’s Adaptive MFA, for a proactive approach to security.

With Gluu Solo, you can automatically serve up the right level of assurance at the right time.

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