Consumer Identity and Access Management

Incredible flexibility and control over user experience and backend integration

Support Consumer APIs

Build a mobile-ready scalable customer experience for your users by restricting secure access to digital resources through scopes and modern authentication. Adapt to any APIs gateway and requirements to support your development lifecycles.

Self Service MFA Management

Provide a web-facing portal for end-users to manage their multi-factor authentication credentials.  Accept secure MFA options like FIDO USB tokens, FIDO-enabled platform authenticators. Allow users to enroll or remove their devices without involving your support team.


Secure your Customer Attributes

Protect people’s privacy by releasing to web and mobile applications. Achieve logout across multiple systems upon session termination through automated scripts to reduce account take-over and session hijacking.

Secure and streamline your customer's authentication journey.


Consolidate your customer or citizen identity stores and reduce the need for users to authenticate multiple times when switching between different applications. Seamlessly migrate users without prompting for password reset or re-enrollment.

Adaptive MFA

Enforce adaptive MFA or step-up authentication based on risk, reputation, or maximum session lengths.  Use behavioral biometrics and location-aware sessions to reduce abandonment.


High Volume

Support high volumes of users from different geographical regions without delays and downtime by deploying Gluu containerization. Support multiple persistence strategies leveraging cloud-ready databases like Couchbase, Amazon Aurora, or Google Spanner.

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