Manage people in the Gluu Server graphical user interface using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) which makes it possible for applications to query user information rapidly.

All the data generated by the Gluu Server is stored in the local LDAP server included in every deployment. This includes OpenID Connect client data, session data, tokens, user data, and more.

Managing data associated with people can be performed in both oxTrust, the admin GUI, as well as LDAP. To manage people in oxTrust, navigate to User > Manage People.

From this interface you can add and search users. Because the user database can potentially be very large, a value with at least two characters is required in the search field. In other words, you can not click search with a blank entry to populate all users. If you need to see all users, this would be best performed manually within the Gluu LDAP server. Upon performing a user search in oxTrust a list will be populated with all users that match the search.

LDAP Synchronization, a.k.a. Cache Refresh, is the process of connecting one or more existing backend LDAP servers, like Microsoft Active Directory, with the Gluu Server’s local LDAP server. Syncing people and attributes from a backend server speeds up authentication transactions. It is possible to perform attribute transformations, changing the name of attributes, or even using an interception script to change the values. Transformations are stored in the Gluu LDAP service.

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