Gluu Flex Admin UI

A fun, reactive web interface to simplify the management and configuration of your Auth Server. The Admin UI enables you to easily view and edit configuration properties, interception scripts, clients, and metrics in one place.

Rancher provides a catalog of third party applications that can be installed across one or more kubernetes clusters using their web admin UI. Using the Rancher Marketplace to install Gluu Flex is one of the easiest ways to get up and running on cloud native infrastructure.

Whether you want to install on the cloud of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat or others, the Helm-based installation enables you to do so quickly and easily. All configurations are declarative. You won’t have to spend weeks figuring out how to cloudify a monolithic web access management platform along with its legacy LDAP database.

Nothing builds trust like source code. Unlike other vendors who want to hide their code, Gluu Flex development is out in the open–check out the Github Repo if you want to see the code and roadmap. Get on the right side of history: the open source development methodology results in the best code for linux infrastructure when the project is based on transparent community governance. Trust but verify! And join the community!

An open-source, enterprise IAM platform you can depend on long-term.

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